World Class New Zealand Engineering for Liquid Processing


Award Winning Cutting edge Liquid Processing Technology to streamline your productive within your business, Custom made to your needs so you can get ahead with our world class automation equipment. Your Liquid Processing Experts



World Class New Zealand Engineering for
Liquid Processing

Liquid Processing Tanks & Automated Controlled wine systems

Check out of selection of high quality liquid processing tanks , Wine Fermenters, Paddles, Vessels and Barrels. For all types of automated equipment to any types of liquids that need processing that can be controlled from your smart phone.

Salt Water Desalination

Our system takes away mineral components from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from a target substance, as in soil desalination, which is an issue for agriculture

Brewery Production

Refine your Brewing steps with out latest Brewery systems to give you more time to focus more on whats important. From Beer Brewery systems, Tanks, Fermentators to Kegs.

UV Filter System

Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.

 Robotic welding SS pipe spooling – Pipe spooling site crew

Refine your Brewing steps with out latest Brewery systems to give you more time to focus more on whats important. From Beer Brewery systems, Tanks, Fermentators to Kegs.

Used Equipment

Check out our near new or used equipment that is ready to be put at good use once again.


    Our cutting edge technology has emerged as a superior alternative to the conventional techniques for extraction of natural products in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Green energy saving solutions

UV Sanitation, Closed cell Insulation, No water, No chemical, Process automation, Proven anchor system protects tanks from overturning in the event of an earthquakes.

Industrial 4.0 automation & control

  Increase productivity on conversion costs, Drive revenue growth through enhanced equipment and new data applications, Increase employment through stimulated growth.
About Liquid Processing

Liquid Processing Equipment

Liquid Processing Equipment Limited has experience in the food and beverage industry for over forty years. Our engineers specialize in the designing and manufacturing of production system that gives an efficient return to the client. Our design carried out in the house so we can control all aspects design including quality and cost.

We have completed successful projects in  North America, New Zealand, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands ranging from simple fermentation storage units through to sophisticated tank farms with sophisticated monitoring equipment to ensure a world-class product.

At Liquid Processing Equipment, we offer excellent customer service from the first initial call through to the completed project and after the project is completed, when you choose LPE, you can be confident we will be with you for the life of your business.

Our system design includes :


  • Seismic engineering design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Automated Controlled wine systems
  • Hygiene design and CIP system
  • Closed cell insulation and polished HD sheathing
  • Effective cooling /heating system
  • Green energy saving solutions
  • Electronic wine reporting technology



Liquid Processing Equipment Limited stand’s by all our equipment and installation  100%. All of our equipment comes with a 12-month warranty against faulty parts or workmanship.

Liquid Processing Equipment Limited continues to provide high-quality Wine & Beer processing technology, supported by our wine flow analysis and advanced engineering 3DDesign allowing CNC & laser components to be produced. We recently designed & commissioned a new fully automated process for producing liquid sugar.

Winemakers can make an appointment to view this PLC touchscreen-controlled process. We have also completed a juice process plant using 3DDesgin flow & stress analysis. Plant location drawings were sent to the client for floor preparation. SS process tanks and equipment were exported to North America and were installed by our NZ engineering team, who took two weeks on site, to fully commission the automated plant on time and under budget. Using advanced 3DDesign for state-of-the-art production is the only way to go. Watch out America. LPE is coming back for more business!!

Many other projects have been completed for winery’s in New Zealand, Australia, and other Pacific rim countries along with engineering design services for clients in Asia and USA.

Engineering design tools allow us to view the winemaking process whereby the winemaker is invited to experience the flow of wine through the winery. We insert various sizes of pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment to see how the wine is affected and add or replace pumps and equipment to ensure we have less resistance or back pressure for improved winemaking.

With over 40 years in engineering design fabrication, project management and a passion for providing quality & reliable systems, we work alongside our clients to understand their requirements through our engineering process. We can walk through the project in detail to provide functional and officiant wine and beer making process engineering systems.

EMBRACE new age green engineering technology by introducing new developments, Our engineering design process involves a number of innovations that combined increase profit margins, improve hygiene standards  & reduce environmental impact on our planet.

Simulating and analyzing production process allows us as engineers to design innovative systems and introduce new technology which can make a significant impact on your business.

Key points for our Green Engineering Technology.

  • No water and no chemical  sanitization
  • No Pollution
  • Most effective
  • No wastage
  • Time and Motion Technology

We provide the X-factor in terms of green engineering technology.