Energy recovery is a missed opportunity for many in business today ,our engineering design process such as attached oil distillation process captures & recycles hot air & water reducing the running costs by more than 50%

Food & Beverage Industry

MUST embrace new age green engineering technology by introducing new developments, Our engineering design process involves a number of innovations that combined increase profit margins, improve hygiene standards  & reduce environmental impact on our planet.

Simulating and analyzing production process allows us as engineers to design innovative systems and introduce new technology which can make a significant impact on your business.

Key points for our Green Engineering Technology.

  • No water and no chemical  sanitization
  • No Pollution
  • Most effective
  • No wastage
  • Time and Motion Technology

We provide the X-factor in terms of green engineering technology.

Ensure your Beverage is Stabilized

Modules available control the cold stabilization process of wine where the wine held at certain temperatures for a period of time. The tank is initially set at a very low temperature and left for several days and then and moved to another tank for storage. The module will control the tank to reach the cold stabilization temperature at night only until it is deemed long enough and then moved to another storage tank. The module will control the tank to reach the cold stabilization temperature during the night time only. In the morning, it will hold it at the current temperature and the next night it will cool until the required temperature is obtained and hold it there, a timer shows how long it had been holding the temperature and take the guesswork out of the process. The power saving is in that the tank is only rapidly cooling at night so is more efficient refrigeration and potentially cheaper power.