SuperCritical Fluid Extraction Equipment

SuperCritical Fluid Equipment

SuperCritical Fluid Extraction Equipment above

Potential for SCF Processing


Liquid Processing Equipment Ltd offer SuperCritical Fluid Equipment tailor made pilot and commercial scale Supercritical Fluid (SCF) processing plants on turn-key basis.

Worldwide, Supercritical Fluid (C02) Extraction technology has emerged as a superior alternative to the conventional techniques for extraction of natural products in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Other areas of SCF processing include Particle design (micronization), Sterilization (Preservation), Precision cleaning, Textile dyeing and Reactions

Commercial Advantage

SuperCritical Fluid Extraction Equipment – Optimisation of capital investment through innovative hardware and process design as well as total technology support from ‘Concept to Commissioning’ and beyond, has been our speciality and advantage.

As a result, the SCFE technology is now truly economically viable. It is feasible or user industry to market superior SCF extracts at similar price of conventional products, boosting market demand for SCF products.

We offer world-class SCFE equipment on Turn-Key Basis: • Range includes Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.) compliant equipment • State of the art PLC based, computerized control system with user friendly interface (H. M.1./G.U.I.) • Support of continued R & D effort in product I process development I optimisation • Comprehensive inspection and certification of manufactured equipment by reputed international Third-Party Inspection agency such as ‘TUV’ • In addition, inherent features of SCF Processing improve the profitability: • Lower solvent (C02) cost than any other organic solvent like Hexane • Lower batch times (2 – 4 hours) • Higher concentration of active I desirable components • Environment friendly,’ Green process, no pollution control related costs etc.


Process Advantage

SuperCritical Fluid Extraction Equipment -Superior product • Preserving the synergistic bio-activity of molecules • Extract with delicacy & freshness very close to natural • High concentration of desired active components • No residual solvent • Free of biological (microbial) contaminants • Longer shelf life

Superior Process • Simultaneous fractionation of extract in a single step • Flexible operating conditions for multiple product processing • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)

  • Application Areas of SCF Processing • Spice Extracts (Oil & Oleoresin) • Flavors & Fragrances • Natural Food Colors • Food Preservatives (Antioxidants) • Herbal Medicines (Nutraceuticals) • Natural Pesticides (e.g. Neem) • Decaffeination (Coffee & Tea) • Hop Extracts (Bitter) • Deoiling of Fast Foods • Cholesterol- Free Food Products • Nicotine – Controlled Tobacco
  • Other Areas • Particle Design (Micronization) • Sterilization (Preservation) • Precision Cleaning • Textile Dyeing • Reaction.
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